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Payment Methods - How to Pay for Trips
The club accepts a variety of methods to allow members to pay for trips and other club events or fees.  The list below details the methods currently accepted.  Please make a note of club preferences for some of the payment methods.  Some methods cost the club transaction fees, which we would like to avoid if possible.


Zelle is a payment network backed by more than 30 major banks.   It does not cost anything to transfer funds using Zelle, and is most likely already available to use on your bank's mobile app or website.  Simply find the Zelle / transfer funds option and send payment using the recipient's email address or phone number.

To pay for a trip using Zelle:

  1. Enter the trip cost amount.
  2. Send the payment to [email protected].
  3. In the memo, note what event this payment is for.  Example: "2019 Mammoth Trip 3"


One of the earliest and long-lasting online payment system.  Club members may pay for trips using PayPal account. The club encourages members using PayPal to pay for a trip to transfer funds from a linked bank account or PayPal account funds rather than a credit card.  Using a credit card or debit card through PayPal is discouraged as this method costs adds an additional 2.9% fee and $0.30 charge on top of the trip cost.

To pay for a trip using PayPal:

  1. Log on to the PayPal website or mobile app.
  2. Send the payment to [email protected].
  3. Choose payment method: linked bank account, PayPal account balance, or credit/debit card.
  4. In the memo, note what event this payment is for.  Example: "2023 Mammoth Bluesapalooza Trip"
Payees using PayPal, calculate your payment using this method table:

Payment Method: PayPal using PayPal Balance or Linked Bank Account PayPal using Credit Card
How to Calculate: item cost * 1.029 = payment due (item cost * 1.029) + 0.30 = payment due
Your Payment Cost:
Example: $250 trip cost
$250 * 1.029 = $257.25 $250 * 1.029 + 0.30 = $257.25
PayPal payments may also be process at the club meetings.  Please email [email protected] to inquire of this will be available at the next club meeting.

Pay by Check

You may also mail a check to the club's post office box to pay for a trip or other event.

To pay for a trip by check:

  1. Make sure a make the check payable to "Huntington Beach Ski Club".  Please do not use any abbreviations as the bank may not accept the check.
  2. In the memo, note what event this payment is for.  Example: "2019 Mammoth Trip 7".
  3. Send the check to:

Huntington Beach Ski Club
PO Box 1675
Huntington Beach, CA 92647